3/9/2018 2:51:49 PM

Lots of Kingston events and a few in Prince Edward County are getting financial backing from the province. Celebrate Ontario 2018 is handing out cash to hundred of festivals and events across Ontario including three local festivities. The Prince Edward County Chamber Music Festival is getting $9,950 and the Festival Players Large Venue and Marquee programming expansion is getting over $62,000. 8 Kingston festivals will be getting funded including Fort Fright which will receive over $78,000 dollars. This money will be used to make sure each festival is a little bit better than the already amazing event they had planned.
Kingston events:
Skeleton Park Arts Fest Expansion: $20,925
Artfest 2018: $29,114
Kick and Push Festival: $30,000
Writersfest: $23,875
Fort Fright: $78,082
Wine and Food Festival: $25,000
Snow much fun and holiday market: $4,000
Kingston Canadian Film Festival: $62,000 Prince Edward County events:
Prince Edward County Chamber Music Festival: $9,950
Festival Players Large Venue and Marquee programming expansion: $62,117 All funded events: http://www.grants.gov.on.ca/prodconsum/groups/grants_web_contents/documents/grants_web_contents/prdr013362.pdf

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