4/10/2018 10:10:27 AM

2017 was a deadly year for road, boating and snowmobile deaths. The OPP have released their report of fatalities over the year with side by side comparison to 2016. A total of 343 people died on OPP-patrolled roads last year compared with 307 in 2016; marking a five-year high. There were increased in 3 of the "Big Four" fatality causal factor categories. Distracted driving claimed the lives of 83 people compared to 64 last year. Speeding killed 75 people over 54, and Seat belt related deaths were 49 against 45. Boating fatalities reached an eight-year high with 31 people dying last year, compared to 23 deaths in 2016. Snowmobile fatalities reached an all-time record high in 2017, with 29 deaths. Excessive speed, loss of control and driver inattention led the list of primary causes. There were 16 snowmobile deaths in 2016. 2017 also marks a 10 year high in motorcycle deaths with 48 people losing their lives compared to 36 in 2016.   

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