7/9/2018 8:09:39 AM

Financial problems are not only affecting the K&P Trail in Kingston, the Millennium Trail upgrades in Prince Edward County is also facing some challenges. The PEC Trails Committee is working to solve their financial rut after higher than anticipated tenders for the work came in. Having raised around $126,000, and the municipality having committed $370,000 toward the upgrade of the entire trail, shovels in the ground are delayed while the County, and the committee sorts out details. The most recent bids for tender came in at $30,000 per kilometre range with three bidders in that range and the bottom bidder at about $7,500 per kilometre range; who was disqualified, mainly because they didn't meet the specifications. They County is looking at accepting one of the top bidders which puts the budget, originally around $450,000, to close to a million dollars. Discussions will continue in hopes of finding cost effective ways to continue working on the trail.

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